As a young boy Chris dreamt of being a lawyer. He wanted to serve his country the best way he could and becoming a lawyer is how he envisioned his service. This dream stayed with him and followed him to the University of Wisconsin where he used his dedication and determination to study law. Many people carry negative perceptions of lawyers, they believe that lawyers are all money hungry, slimy creatures that only come out of their caves when a profitable opportunity arises. Chris Duren challenges these stereotypes by going above and beyond what is required or expected of him. Counsel Christopher Duren is a highly respected advocate who considers law his calling and uses it to help out his community.

Chris is not a lawyer who takes advantage of your problems to make a quick buck, rather he wants to solve your problems using the law. In fact, Christopher Duren insists on being paid only when his client’s cases are successful. Being raised to be a respectable man, Chris Duren

Is extremely dedicated to practicing law in an ethical manner while serving and helping the community of Waunakee in which he was born. Christopher Duren is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Madison as Waunakee is located in the Madison Metropolitan area. Chris strives to serve the Waunakee community and the surrounding areas.

Christopher Duren is not driven by money but instead he is driven by his passion for law. Since 1997, Duren Law Office, LLC has built a steady and strong reputation that extends beyond the local community. His work in Waunakee has seen him become one of the pillars of the local community, covering a wide range of legal fields and able to help a variety of legal conflicts. Duren has collected a team of lawyers that embody what it means to be ethical and fair lawyers just like himself.

You never know when you might need a lawyer but one thing is for sure, Christopher Duren should be your guy. Chris is driven, respectable, ethical, and will help you be successful with your case. He has the resources to successfully represent citizens across a variety of legal services, estate planning, criminal defense, civil litigation, personal injury advice, and more. Chris is one of those “do it all” kind of guys so whatever your situation may be, Chris Duren can help.

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