It’s not easy to meet a thorough professional with total dedication to his or her vocation in today’s world. Chris Duren however, is one of this rare breed. An attorney by training, Chris Duren’s understanding of law goes far beyond the narrow interpretation of it that others lawyers seem to express. Chris Duren is a crusader for the rights of people and he embodies this in his every action and decision as a legal professional. How did he gain this perspective, one might ask? Part of the reason for his particular vision of the practice of law is his impeccable academic credentials. Trained at one of America’s foremost universities, Chris Duren had the advantage of interacting with some of the best legal scholars of the day. He gained inspiration from their dedication to law and took this inspiration from the classroom into the real world where he is a well-respected attorney.

Dedication to his roots

Chris Duren’s dedication regarding the application of law to the problems of ordinary people, can be seen in the fact that he chose to return to his hometown and opened law offices there in 1997. He could have practised anywhere in the U.S. but chose to make Waunakee the place that would benefit from his legal training. Waunakee was the place where Chris Duren was born and his ties with the place and its people were the reason he returned and pledged his life and knowledge to its service. To find out more about Chris Duren’s legal work in Waunakee, please see CHRIS DUREN – The Law Offices of Attorney Christopher Duren.

Chris Duren has gathered a team around him that is adept at handling legal problems of almost any nature. He has had a wide range of experience dealing with business law, criminal defence, estate planning etc. He has ensured that his team reflects his personal vision and ethics and that every member of it is as much of a dedicated legal professional as he is.

Chris Duren’s life and work is characterised by a certain rootedness. He is a Wisconsin lawyer, born, bred and educated. It is in Wisconsin that he gained his real-life experience of law. To learn more about his work as a Wisconsin attorney please see Lawyer Chris Duren – Attorney In Waunakee WI.

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